Advantages of Wifi in your business

WiFi for your business is something that all business owners should consider doing. This isn’t just for businesses that operate in the tech field and we aren’t talking about WiFi that only you and your employees can access. While making sure your entire building gives you wifi access is important, we want you to think about the advantages of providing wifi to your customers.

Brand Awareness
Depending on which WiFi solution you choose, you can promote your business as soon as customers walk in the door. When they sign in you can have a splash page setup to offer them deals or specials. This enhances brand awareness for our business depending on the type of business you have.

More Time Spent
When you provide WiFi access to customers they are more likely to spend more time at your business. This does vary depending on what type of business you have. For instance, if your business is a hardware store WiFi probably won’t keep them there for long, but if your business is a cafe, bar or restaurant, they will more than likely stay longer because they have access to the internet.

Be ahead of the competition
In the 21st century, wifi is pretty much everywhere we go, to keep people connected with burning up data on their phone. For some consumers, no WiFi in a business is a deal breaker when the look up local businesses. You want to be ahead of your competition that might not have wifi installed for customers. Having wifi makes your customers lives easier and it improves their perception of your business. Be at the top of their comparisons lists when they look for businesses.

Increase Foot Traffic
With everything we mentioned above, it should be no surprise that offering this feature at your business can boost customer traffic. Putting a sign on the door or making sure your online social channels are up-to-date will let customers know that you provide free wifi at your business. This has been proven to attract new customers and put businesses that have been open for a long time on the map.

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